Thursday, June 28, 2018

Bryce's Night at the Braves and Millsaps Baseball Camp

Bryce is getting the hang of the whole baseball thing. He is learning the game, hitting the ball, and he got a few RBI's this season too. He used to just stand and watch the ball (or something else), but now, he runs towards it and stops it. He and daddy are working on hitting and catching, and he really enjoys spending that time with Jake. While he doesn't always want to listen, in the end, he takes the advice! Jake got to help coach Bryce's team, the Tigers, and I had a lot of fun watching him grow and play this season. Bryce's team got together at the Braves game, and they ran out on the field for the National Anthem. Since Jake was out of town, Miss Victoria watched the girls, so Bryce and I could enjoy a little time together. He had a fun time! 


emoji face 

playing with teammates

Bryce and Greyson went to the Millsaps Baseball Camp for 4 days. They wore him out! I can tell Bryce admires Coach Paige, and he had a fun time. Hopefully, he learned a few things too! On the first day, I picked them up and they'd lost their gloves, a bag of clothes and shoes, and Greyson's hat and helmet! Thankfully, everything turned up, but 5 and 6 year olds have a hard time keeping up with their things. Daddy recently bought him a new bat and glove since he'd outgrown his others. He now has a "big kid" bat! Coach Paige gave Bryce a hat. He's known his daddy for a long time, and Jake and Uncle Mitch actually used to go to the same camp. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Happy 9th Birthday, AVERY!

How is she NINE years old? It's truly hard to believe. Over 9 years since my doctors didn't think she'd live, since she had two heart surgeries and nearly died multiple times. I cry sometimes just thinking about how far she's come and how great she is doing. We go to ur cardiology appointment in July, so we will once again make sure her heart is handling the pulmonary valve issues, but everything seems to be doing fine. Aside from pesky ear issues where they drain and she struggles hearing lots of days, Avery really isn't dealing with much physically at the moment. She continues her growth hormone injections daily, and she's finally creeping steadily up on the TS growth chart thanks to her GF diet. She hasn't been sick a ton despite her IGA deficiency, and we've adjusted her thyroid meds some here and there, but they seem to be doing the trick. We've definitely been blessed! 

We didn't do a big party this year, but we are redoing her room with paint colors she chose (dark pink a teal with gold heart accent wall). She got clothes, some sandals, a necklace with her name on it, some sunglasses and a case, some bracelets and hair ties, a rainbow bath bomb, a bathing suit and a cool pink chandelier lamp for her new room. We had a girls day and got pedicures, ate lunch at Five Guys, and went to spend some money at Five Below (which is quickly becoming our favorite store). Later, we celebrated at home with cake and ice cream. We had her choice of nachos for dinner and made bracelets from the cool new set the Verrets gave her for her birthday, put makeup on, and played freeze tag outside before calling it a night. She said (once again) that it was the "best day ever"! She also giggled and got excited reading the approximately 200 birthday posts she received on Facebook. Avery really is a unique and special girl. I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't smile when they come in contact with her. Her joy continues to be contagious. I wonder all the time what plans God has in store for her, and I'm so very thankful I get to be her mom. 

Happy Birthday to my first born!

Morning Surprise! 9 (and 1 to grow on balloons), gifts, a birthday crown and chair and a Happy Birthday banner were waiting on the birthday girl. 

She had GF cinnamon and sugar waffles with chocolate sauce and a whipped cream #9...oh, and bacon!